Krys Runs: Hell's Vengeance

14th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 4) Longacre

The party arrived back at the church square with the decree in hand. Unlike last time, the square was nearly empty this time, save for a smattering of locals gathered around the message board. As the party posted the decree, the local owner of a hospice interrupted them, peppering them with a litany of reasonable-sounding questions. Though it tested their patience, the party answered each question as best they could, inadvertently easing the concerns of the group gathered there.

After that, the party arrived at the Last Stand tavern and pinned the decree to the porch. Unfortunately, the noise of the hammer and nail brought the proprietor of the tavern out from, apparently, making chili. He was less than pleased to see someone banging nails into his porch and even less pleased when he saw the decree and the limit on how many people could visit his tavern. He gave the party some unkind words and suggestions and demanded they leave. Lucia, however, had some unkind words to give him right back and the portly tavern owner threw the brewing pot of chili at her head which she easily ducked. Things might have descended into violence if she’d managed to trip the portly fellow, but instead he shook off Lucia’s whip and slammed the door in the party’s faces. Still, at least the decree was posted.

Finally, the party left to go to Longacre jail to post the decree and deliver the sheriff her notice of dismissal. Rhona mumbled something about the archbaron being too cowardly to deliver the notice himself but then quietly packed up her things and left, not even glancing to her niece Cimiri on the way out. Unfortunately, the sheriff clearly hadn’t taught her deputies to keep a cool head as one of them quickly leveled a crossbow at the party, shouting that they couldn’t get rid of the only justice in the town. Things might have descended into violence but a mix of pleas for civility and threats kept the deputies from making mistakes. Instead, the four of them resigned and walked out silently.

With the job done, the party returned to Razelago who commended them on their good work and increased their pay by a good 50%. In addition, he told the party to meet him at the Scarlet Crown, the home of the Archbaron… Eager to up their status in town and among the powerful elites of Cheliax, the party set for the stately manor at dawn. After some pleasantries with the guards and a halfling butler, the the party was ushered into a large, ornate office with the archbaron himself standing at the window. After introductions, the archbaron got right to the point: He needed people he could trust to enforce his will in Longacre and see to it that the Glorious Reclamation’s attempt at rebellion is squashed before it can really have a chance to take off… and for that, he wants the party to assist him not only in investigating, but also in enforcing his proclamations and will, which Rhona was too weak and too concerned with justice to do.

Presented with the offer to work directly for House Thrune and the Cheliax nobility, the party was happy to accept. Though in place of the paperwork they were expecting, the archbaron informed them that, since they were working, however indirectly, for House Thrune now, they would be required to take a small oath of loyalty to the crown. …And the loyalty oath was placing their hand on a chunk of brimstone that was flooding the room with a blood red glow and burning a symbol of the house on their palms. …Unsettling, but given the devils of House Thrune, not surprising.

One by one, the party burnt their hands on the stone and swore to uphold the will of Fex and House Thrune alike. As they did, the voice of Razelago sounded from a nearby alcove, pleased to see the party being up for the oath. Annoyed at his theatrics, Fex pulled the literal curtain back on the shadowy figure to show Razelago as an accuser devil, a winged fly-like creature with a baby face and the ability to record and play back everything he sees. Fortunately, the party didn’t freak out too much about him being a devil and Razelago went on to explain that the party, if they wanted to help stop the Glorious Reclamation’s efforts in Longacre, will have to learn all they can about the “Angel Knight” and luckily, the local bard had met with her before… the party was tasked to go to the tavern and interrogate the bard… and arrest the chili-flinging tavern owner for being in violation of the archbaron’s decrees. MORE than happy to take revenge on the portly gentlemen, the party left the manor to head to the Last Stand Tavern.

The session ended with the party arriving at the tavern, clearing out the place and declaring that the owner was under arrest. Bolgart did not take it well, given his reaction to the news being to get out a large warhammer from behind his countertop. The party will have to find SOME way to take the man alive though, as they’re there to arrest him, not murder him… Good luck with that guys!



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