Krys Runs: Hell's Vengeance

14th of Arodus -> 15th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 5) Longacre

As somewhat expected, things quickly descended into violence in the Last Stand Tavern with Bolgart ready to bludgeon the party and show them the door by force, swung in with his warhammer and tried to make some lumps on the party’s heads. The barmaids too joined in and started throwing glasses at the party’s heads, though none of them found their mark. Leah, having none of that, telekenetically threw one of the glasses back at one of them with such force it very nearly killed her. Seeing his barmaid injured and having taken quite a few lumps himself, Bolgart quickly surrendered to the promise that the party would save her, prompting his other barmaid to flee into the streets as fast as she could. And save her they did. One cure light wounds was all it took to get Yavendi back on her feet more or less intact and the party was able to drag Bolgart and Riley back to the jail for questioning and detainment, though Lucia couldn’t resist swatting the barmaid back into unconsciousness before leaving.

Back at the jail, Cimiri had been busy not only conveniently procuring the key for the pillory they stuck Bolgart in, but also unlocking the supply cabinet that her aunt had very rudely left locked, providing the party with some assorted weaponry and a stock of healing potions. As she got to work on the lockbox that had been stashed behind the desk, the party set to work interrogating Riley. Though he initially claimed ignorance, a bit of intimidation work very quickly loosened his tongue. He admitted to seeing the Angel Knight in the days prior, having met her while she was praying atop a hill. She had wings that may have been part of her armor and wore her signature angelic helmet at the time. He also confirmed that it was, indeed, Lencia Visserene, the woman who wrote the letter to high priestess Allamar which had prompted her firey sermon in the first place.

Confirming the existence of the Angel Knight and her name was, unfortunately, most of what they could get out of the bard. Even after following him home, Rahl didn’t spy any sort of suspicious activity apart from venomous grumbles and anger directed towards the party. After looking the lockbox for both contraband and the bill of ownership to some halfling named “Ardin”, the party returned to report to Razelago. The devil was impressed with their usefulness again, assuring them that they earned their salary this week, though they should try to keep an eye out for signs of rebellion in the mean time.

The next morning, as if on cue, a shady man named Ingoc showed up at their doorstep, though they recognized him as the dockmaster quite quickly. (If you can call the single pier with a wooden house a dock) The man was quick to the point, offering his services to spy on any correspondence that went up and down the river that was entrusted to him and to keep an ear out for rumors in exchange for 10gp a week. Though no one enjoyed his slimy attitude towards the law, it was ultimately agreed upon that the service was useful and the cost reasonable and he was hired.

Next week, the party continues to relax in positions of power and get paid for sweeping up minor trifles.



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