Krys Runs: Hell's Vengeance

21st of Arodus -> 24th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 9) Longacre

Fresh off of the successful arrest of Caswella Runder for the crime of aiding and abetting seditionists with the creation of propaganda, the party was ready to spend another day relaxing and waiting for their salary to roll in. Unfortunately, the morning fog held some unfortunately business for them to attend to. No sooner did they finish breakfast in the jail did they hear a heavy “THWUMP” on the front door. Haraka was the only one willing to check things out and he soon learned the downside of being brave when he opened the door to be greeted only by an impressive amount of horse dung that had been thrown at the jail’s door.

Somewhat incensed by the malodorous act vandalism, the party sent out Midnight to track down the culprit using his keen, wolf senses. For some reason,, Midnight wasn’t super into sniffing out a trail of poop and decided his time was better spent murdering the local wildlife for his own breakfast. Undeterred though, the party spent another hour with the wolf and while he did, technically, find the source of the smell, the local stables did not provide them with the culprit they had hoped to find. STILL undaunted, Rahl and Lucia took it on themselves to use their keen eyes to spot the dwindling trail of footsteps. Helping each other spot steps the other missed, the pair managed to wind a circuitous route around the town, stopping briefly at a water trough to presumably wash their hands in. The trail led them up and over fences, climbing up on barrels and briefly chasing the tracks of a cat before they found themselves right back in the square that the jail is in… though the tracks stopped at the local grocer.

With the pair in front of the jail anyway, the party regrouped at the market to discuss what they found. Having noticed that the tracks were small, Lucia was quick to suspect a halfling, though Haraka pointed out that the pointless hopping and climbing may have leaned more towards the behavior of a child. As fortune would have it, there were two children at the market at that time, the son of the stable owner, and the daughter of the grocer owners. Given the stable’s ready supply of dung, the party interrogated the boy and his father first. Though they didn’t believe the boy’s pronouncement that he had spent his morning doing chores, the father’s firm but fair demeanor and lack of evidence had the party questioning if this was the culprit or not.

By contrast, little Jemmy Kemmaino was tight-lipped about the whole thing and opted to hide behind her doting parents. The mother, outspoken in her distaste for the party in general, was particularly offended by the accusations leveled at her daughter and was not shy about telling the party exactly what she thought of them. Things were getting to rather high levels of irritation for the party, prompting them to start threatening the couple and her daughter. The mother choked back quite a bit of venom with Gozin’s hand tapping the hilt of his sword and eventually overt threats of imprisonment got the tight-lipped daughter to confess to the crime. The father, Huxlam Kemmaino, apologized for his daughter and reluctantly agreed to Lucia’s terms of spending 24 hours in the pillory as punishment for his daughter’s transgressions. He did so with an impressive amount of stoicism and was released the next day as promised, though with a very sore neck and a new found appreciation for slightly tougher parenting.

The 23rd inspired Cimiri to fix the broken pillory, given the party’s tendency to use them and the day passed by quietly with Lucia torturing the halfling in the jail until a letter arrived. Ignoc had come through, yet again, with a copy of a letter the local hospice owner Gerya Rohalendi was going to send to her noble cousin in Remensiana. One wonders just HOW secretive the local rebellion is being given that the doctor’s letters are the only suspicious correspondence being captured, but the party took advantage all the same. Unfortunately, while the doctor talked of the local gossip and rumors of the Angel Knight, it was clear she hadn’t been in contact with them and knew nothing about them, though with her sentiments leaning towards the rebellion and her cousin’s encouraging words that Thrune is a terrible house to be in power, she seemed an ever increasingly likely candidate to go rebel.

Still, the party couldn’t implicate her quite yet and there’s always a chance, especially given the archbaron’s iron-fisted approach to quashing rebellion, that she’ll simply not have the nerve to follow through with her convictions. Knowing a good lead when she sees one though, Lucia recommended that the party lean on the good doctor a bit and make it clear that her backtaxes aren’t going to go uncollected for very long, thus pressuring her to make a desperate decision and hopefully tip the hand of the rebellion when they contact her. Though there was some arguing over the details of the debt itself, the party generally agreed that this could prove an excellent way to draw the rebellion out of hiding and they went to the charity hospice to meet with the doctor.

Lucia was more than happy to take the lead in pressuring Gerya on her taxes. The doctor pleaded to have more time to pay, though Lucia still extracted the woman’s last 5 gold pieces and a silver piece to truly twist the dagger in the philanthropist’s chest. The hospice owner was left holding back tears and wracked with worry and despair by the time Lucia was done with her and the party soon enlisted Razelago’s help to keep an eye on the hospice, the devil impressed with the plan they’d devised and more than willing to add the locale to the list of places he invisibly haunts for the archbaron.

With a brand new avenue of investigation opened and the devil doing most of the leg work, the party enjoyed the cool, cloudy day of Arodus the 24th in relative peace. The party nearly thought they were going to leave the jail with a perfectly quiet day until they heard commotion coming from the side of the building. Quickly going into hiding, the party waited for the noises to reveal themselves… and sure enough they did. Heads wrapped in torn clerical vestments to very poorly conceal their identity, the Lacall brothers, the sons of the local priestess who gave the now infamous sermon that sparked this uprising, were skulking around the side of the jail. By their whispers, it appeared they were intent on freeing the poor halfling from the party’s clutches. Unfortunately for them, the party waited in ambush for them. The brothers, clearly thinking they were MUCH stealthier than they actually were, turned to high-tail it out of there but not before Leah fired a warning shot towards the boys.

The party expected the brothers to give up quickly with the threat of violence looming over their heads. What they didn’t expect was a nearly cherub statue coming to life and firing arrows at them. When the tiny angel appeared, there was a moment where it looked like the brothers might have been inspired to turn on the party and start a proper fight… but that’s when Gozin charged on Midnight’s back and thrust his lance entirely through the chest of one of the brothers, slaying him on the spot. Outraged by their slaying of the cleric, the angel pronounced it would fight to the death to see justice done. …The brother, however, surrendered on the spot, desperately spending his clerical powers to uselessly cure light wounds his dead brother. The angel turned out to be fantastically frustrating, not just for the fact that it was content to hover 40 feet in the air and pepper the mostly ground-based party with arrows. It took Gozin fashioning a makeshift lasso and Haraka tugging the angel down before the party could really pile on. The damage reduction proved to be quite, quite tough to pierce and the outsider took several rounds and bit Haraka on the leg at one point before it was put down.

Now the party has a dead angel a dead cleric and a despondent brother who broke the law in their grasp. What they’ll do with this mess is a question we’ll find out the answer to next week.



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