Krys Runs: Hell's Vengeance

27th of Arodus -> 28th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 12) Longacre

The session started off with a bang with the party setting up for another round of executions. To be prudent, the party briefly stopped by Razelago to see if it was fine to execute Riley and the rioters for rebelling against the town to which he was fully on board with, mentioning that the party could feel free to execute any rebels they find, provided they have enough evidence to convict them. Luckily for today’s plans, having several dozen eye witnesses attest to seeing all of them assaulting the party in the name of overthrowing the Archbaron constituted enough evidence.

The afternoon quickly sped towards the execution and Riley and his “co-conspirators” were dragged in front of the jailhouse so Riley could confess to everything. Riley did, indeed, confess that he was masquerading as the Angel Knight and even implicated the two random townsfolk as accomplices as per the party’s request. Also at the party’s request, he was unbound and told to use his magic to Disguse Self up an Angel Knight costume to prove the party’s claims. Though he showed a bit of spine, trying to cast hypnotize instead of Disguse Self, Lucia and Haraka both quickly realized the spell he was casting and quick threat from Rahl halted his casting dead in its tracks when the bard realized the jig was up. When all present were satisfied the Angel Knight rescue was a hair-brained scheme from Riley, the party gagged the bard and dragged him towards a freshly-brought-out executioner’s chopping block.

As Riley lost his head and the two townsfolk took their places, a shout of anger rose from the crowd. A man named Valn Orannt, a former worker from Jabral’s Tanneryy, stood up in front of the crowd, decrying the party as murderers who should be executed instead. Though Midnight’s growling briefly silenced him so the party could finish the executions, Valn spoke up loudly again when everything was done, speaking mostly to the gathered crowd. He lifted up a dagger, declaring that it was, in fact, Cimri’s dagger that she was flashing in the tavern two weeks and and that he had found the dagger at the Tannery. Clear evidence that it was Cimri and the party’s who were culprits for the murder. Though flimsy evidence at best, Cimiri was unable to bluff her way out of the accusations and it took Rahl going full-on lawyer at the man, explaining how the accusations are wild and that the evidence is flimsy, and how there are many daggers like that one, etc… By the end, even Valn seemed convinced he was overreacting, not to mention the crowd and the tanner left with his tail between his legs and a populace at least believing the horrifying executions had a lawful backing to it.

The next day, a cool, cloudy day, Ingoc showed up at the jail house door, bearing a satchel of gold (Having sold the angel blood to a creepy, creepy buyer) and some information. Having his ear to the ground these days, Ingoc let the party know that Bo and Dent Gramel, the couple the party had ousted from their positions of gate guards at the Castle Gate, had been breaking curfew lately… and breaking it by going to the Longacre Armory. Quite suspicious behavior and more than enough to warrant a visit to the armory that night.

As the sun set and the party arrived at the Armory, they found the front door locked and barred from the inside. It would be a real trick to unbar the door from outside, so the party shuffled around the side of the building to the backdoor. Though the lock wasn’t exactly easy, Rahl and Cimiri picked the thing open and Gozin quite happily burst through the door. Unfortunately, their efforts to pick the lock and open the front door had caught the attention of the Gramels and by the time the party had opened the door they were already prepared…. with a gigantic ship-mounted ballista pointed at the door. Gozin took an unfortunate ballista bolt to the chest but the party descended on the couple with all haste, knocking Dent out in the first round and disabling Bo in the next.

Angry at being shot with a bolt that is normally meant to punch holes in warships, Gozin murdered Dent and dragged his body back to the jail. In the mean time, Lucia healed up Bo and, through bluff, intimidation and two castings of charm person, managed to interrogate her alongside Rahl. Under the promise of the party sparing her husband, Bo told the party that she’d be put up to the task of collecting serviceable weapons and armor from the armory and organizing it so the rebellion could use it. A former veteran deputy, Jask Coalimber, had approached them a few days ago to put them up to the task. More importantly though, the pair forced the information that a few rebellion agents would be along to pick up the weapons tonight. Knowing this is a good chance to catch the rebels in the act, the party prepares for an ambush….



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