Krys Runs: Hell's Vengeance

27th of Arodus -> 28th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 12) Longacre

The session started off with a bang with the party setting up for another round of executions. To be prudent, the party briefly stopped by Razelago to see if it was fine to execute Riley and the rioters for rebelling against the town to which he was fully on board with, mentioning that the party could feel free to execute any rebels they find, provided they have enough evidence to convict them. Luckily for today’s plans, having several dozen eye witnesses attest to seeing all of them assaulting the party in the name of overthrowing the Archbaron constituted enough evidence.

The afternoon quickly sped towards the execution and Riley and his “co-conspirators” were dragged in front of the jailhouse so Riley could confess to everything. Riley did, indeed, confess that he was masquerading as the Angel Knight and even implicated the two random townsfolk as accomplices as per the party’s request. Also at the party’s request, he was unbound and told to use his magic to Disguse Self up an Angel Knight costume to prove the party’s claims. Though he showed a bit of spine, trying to cast hypnotize instead of Disguse Self, Lucia and Haraka both quickly realized the spell he was casting and quick threat from Rahl halted his casting dead in its tracks when the bard realized the jig was up. When all present were satisfied the Angel Knight rescue was a hair-brained scheme from Riley, the party gagged the bard and dragged him towards a freshly-brought-out executioner’s chopping block.

As Riley lost his head and the two townsfolk took their places, a shout of anger rose from the crowd. A man named Valn Orannt, a former worker from Jabral’s Tanneryy, stood up in front of the crowd, decrying the party as murderers who should be executed instead. Though Midnight’s growling briefly silenced him so the party could finish the executions, Valn spoke up loudly again when everything was done, speaking mostly to the gathered crowd. He lifted up a dagger, declaring that it was, in fact, Cimri’s dagger that she was flashing in the tavern two weeks and and that he had found the dagger at the Tannery. Clear evidence that it was Cimri and the party’s who were culprits for the murder. Though flimsy evidence at best, Cimiri was unable to bluff her way out of the accusations and it took Rahl going full-on lawyer at the man, explaining how the accusations are wild and that the evidence is flimsy, and how there are many daggers like that one, etc… By the end, even Valn seemed convinced he was overreacting, not to mention the crowd and the tanner left with his tail between his legs and a populace at least believing the horrifying executions had a lawful backing to it.

The next day, a cool, cloudy day, Ingoc showed up at the jail house door, bearing a satchel of gold (Having sold the angel blood to a creepy, creepy buyer) and some information. Having his ear to the ground these days, Ingoc let the party know that Bo and Dent Gramel, the couple the party had ousted from their positions of gate guards at the Castle Gate, had been breaking curfew lately… and breaking it by going to the Longacre Armory. Quite suspicious behavior and more than enough to warrant a visit to the armory that night.

As the sun set and the party arrived at the Armory, they found the front door locked and barred from the inside. It would be a real trick to unbar the door from outside, so the party shuffled around the side of the building to the backdoor. Though the lock wasn’t exactly easy, Rahl and Cimiri picked the thing open and Gozin quite happily burst through the door. Unfortunately, their efforts to pick the lock and open the front door had caught the attention of the Gramels and by the time the party had opened the door they were already prepared…. with a gigantic ship-mounted ballista pointed at the door. Gozin took an unfortunate ballista bolt to the chest but the party descended on the couple with all haste, knocking Dent out in the first round and disabling Bo in the next.

Angry at being shot with a bolt that is normally meant to punch holes in warships, Gozin murdered Dent and dragged his body back to the jail. In the mean time, Lucia healed up Bo and, through bluff, intimidation and two castings of charm person, managed to interrogate her alongside Rahl. Under the promise of the party sparing her husband, Bo told the party that she’d be put up to the task of collecting serviceable weapons and armor from the armory and organizing it so the rebellion could use it. A former veteran deputy, Jask Coalimber, had approached them a few days ago to put them up to the task. More importantly though, the pair forced the information that a few rebellion agents would be along to pick up the weapons tonight. Knowing this is a good chance to catch the rebels in the act, the party prepares for an ambush….

21st of Arodus -> 24th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 9) Longacre

Fresh off of the successful arrest of Caswella Runder for the crime of aiding and abetting seditionists with the creation of propaganda, the party was ready to spend another day relaxing and waiting for their salary to roll in. Unfortunately, the morning fog held some unfortunately business for them to attend to. No sooner did they finish breakfast in the jail did they hear a heavy “THWUMP” on the front door. Haraka was the only one willing to check things out and he soon learned the downside of being brave when he opened the door to be greeted only by an impressive amount of horse dung that had been thrown at the jail’s door.

Somewhat incensed by the malodorous act vandalism, the party sent out Midnight to track down the culprit using his keen, wolf senses. For some reason,, Midnight wasn’t super into sniffing out a trail of poop and decided his time was better spent murdering the local wildlife for his own breakfast. Undeterred though, the party spent another hour with the wolf and while he did, technically, find the source of the smell, the local stables did not provide them with the culprit they had hoped to find. STILL undaunted, Rahl and Lucia took it on themselves to use their keen eyes to spot the dwindling trail of footsteps. Helping each other spot steps the other missed, the pair managed to wind a circuitous route around the town, stopping briefly at a water trough to presumably wash their hands in. The trail led them up and over fences, climbing up on barrels and briefly chasing the tracks of a cat before they found themselves right back in the square that the jail is in… though the tracks stopped at the local grocer.

With the pair in front of the jail anyway, the party regrouped at the market to discuss what they found. Having noticed that the tracks were small, Lucia was quick to suspect a halfling, though Haraka pointed out that the pointless hopping and climbing may have leaned more towards the behavior of a child. As fortune would have it, there were two children at the market at that time, the son of the stable owner, and the daughter of the grocer owners. Given the stable’s ready supply of dung, the party interrogated the boy and his father first. Though they didn’t believe the boy’s pronouncement that he had spent his morning doing chores, the father’s firm but fair demeanor and lack of evidence had the party questioning if this was the culprit or not.

By contrast, little Jemmy Kemmaino was tight-lipped about the whole thing and opted to hide behind her doting parents. The mother, outspoken in her distaste for the party in general, was particularly offended by the accusations leveled at her daughter and was not shy about telling the party exactly what she thought of them. Things were getting to rather high levels of irritation for the party, prompting them to start threatening the couple and her daughter. The mother choked back quite a bit of venom with Gozin’s hand tapping the hilt of his sword and eventually overt threats of imprisonment got the tight-lipped daughter to confess to the crime. The father, Huxlam Kemmaino, apologized for his daughter and reluctantly agreed to Lucia’s terms of spending 24 hours in the pillory as punishment for his daughter’s transgressions. He did so with an impressive amount of stoicism and was released the next day as promised, though with a very sore neck and a new found appreciation for slightly tougher parenting.

The 23rd inspired Cimiri to fix the broken pillory, given the party’s tendency to use them and the day passed by quietly with Lucia torturing the halfling in the jail until a letter arrived. Ignoc had come through, yet again, with a copy of a letter the local hospice owner Gerya Rohalendi was going to send to her noble cousin in Remensiana. One wonders just HOW secretive the local rebellion is being given that the doctor’s letters are the only suspicious correspondence being captured, but the party took advantage all the same. Unfortunately, while the doctor talked of the local gossip and rumors of the Angel Knight, it was clear she hadn’t been in contact with them and knew nothing about them, though with her sentiments leaning towards the rebellion and her cousin’s encouraging words that Thrune is a terrible house to be in power, she seemed an ever increasingly likely candidate to go rebel.

Still, the party couldn’t implicate her quite yet and there’s always a chance, especially given the archbaron’s iron-fisted approach to quashing rebellion, that she’ll simply not have the nerve to follow through with her convictions. Knowing a good lead when she sees one though, Lucia recommended that the party lean on the good doctor a bit and make it clear that her backtaxes aren’t going to go uncollected for very long, thus pressuring her to make a desperate decision and hopefully tip the hand of the rebellion when they contact her. Though there was some arguing over the details of the debt itself, the party generally agreed that this could prove an excellent way to draw the rebellion out of hiding and they went to the charity hospice to meet with the doctor.

Lucia was more than happy to take the lead in pressuring Gerya on her taxes. The doctor pleaded to have more time to pay, though Lucia still extracted the woman’s last 5 gold pieces and a silver piece to truly twist the dagger in the philanthropist’s chest. The hospice owner was left holding back tears and wracked with worry and despair by the time Lucia was done with her and the party soon enlisted Razelago’s help to keep an eye on the hospice, the devil impressed with the plan they’d devised and more than willing to add the locale to the list of places he invisibly haunts for the archbaron.

With a brand new avenue of investigation opened and the devil doing most of the leg work, the party enjoyed the cool, cloudy day of Arodus the 24th in relative peace. The party nearly thought they were going to leave the jail with a perfectly quiet day until they heard commotion coming from the side of the building. Quickly going into hiding, the party waited for the noises to reveal themselves… and sure enough they did. Heads wrapped in torn clerical vestments to very poorly conceal their identity, the Lacall brothers, the sons of the local priestess who gave the now infamous sermon that sparked this uprising, were skulking around the side of the jail. By their whispers, it appeared they were intent on freeing the poor halfling from the party’s clutches. Unfortunately for them, the party waited in ambush for them. The brothers, clearly thinking they were MUCH stealthier than they actually were, turned to high-tail it out of there but not before Leah fired a warning shot towards the boys.

The party expected the brothers to give up quickly with the threat of violence looming over their heads. What they didn’t expect was a nearly cherub statue coming to life and firing arrows at them. When the tiny angel appeared, there was a moment where it looked like the brothers might have been inspired to turn on the party and start a proper fight… but that’s when Gozin charged on Midnight’s back and thrust his lance entirely through the chest of one of the brothers, slaying him on the spot. Outraged by their slaying of the cleric, the angel pronounced it would fight to the death to see justice done. …The brother, however, surrendered on the spot, desperately spending his clerical powers to uselessly cure light wounds his dead brother. The angel turned out to be fantastically frustrating, not just for the fact that it was content to hover 40 feet in the air and pepper the mostly ground-based party with arrows. It took Gozin fashioning a makeshift lasso and Haraka tugging the angel down before the party could really pile on. The damage reduction proved to be quite, quite tough to pierce and the outsider took several rounds and bit Haraka on the leg at one point before it was put down.

Now the party has a dead angel a dead cleric and a despondent brother who broke the law in their grasp. What they’ll do with this mess is a question we’ll find out the answer to next week.

14th of Arodus -> 15th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 5) Longacre

As somewhat expected, things quickly descended into violence in the Last Stand Tavern with Bolgart ready to bludgeon the party and show them the door by force, swung in with his warhammer and tried to make some lumps on the party’s heads. The barmaids too joined in and started throwing glasses at the party’s heads, though none of them found their mark. Leah, having none of that, telekenetically threw one of the glasses back at one of them with such force it very nearly killed her. Seeing his barmaid injured and having taken quite a few lumps himself, Bolgart quickly surrendered to the promise that the party would save her, prompting his other barmaid to flee into the streets as fast as she could. And save her they did. One cure light wounds was all it took to get Yavendi back on her feet more or less intact and the party was able to drag Bolgart and Riley back to the jail for questioning and detainment, though Lucia couldn’t resist swatting the barmaid back into unconsciousness before leaving.

Back at the jail, Cimiri had been busy not only conveniently procuring the key for the pillory they stuck Bolgart in, but also unlocking the supply cabinet that her aunt had very rudely left locked, providing the party with some assorted weaponry and a stock of healing potions. As she got to work on the lockbox that had been stashed behind the desk, the party set to work interrogating Riley. Though he initially claimed ignorance, a bit of intimidation work very quickly loosened his tongue. He admitted to seeing the Angel Knight in the days prior, having met her while she was praying atop a hill. She had wings that may have been part of her armor and wore her signature angelic helmet at the time. He also confirmed that it was, indeed, Lencia Visserene, the woman who wrote the letter to high priestess Allamar which had prompted her firey sermon in the first place.

Confirming the existence of the Angel Knight and her name was, unfortunately, most of what they could get out of the bard. Even after following him home, Rahl didn’t spy any sort of suspicious activity apart from venomous grumbles and anger directed towards the party. After looking the lockbox for both contraband and the bill of ownership to some halfling named “Ardin”, the party returned to report to Razelago. The devil was impressed with their usefulness again, assuring them that they earned their salary this week, though they should try to keep an eye out for signs of rebellion in the mean time.

The next morning, as if on cue, a shady man named Ingoc showed up at their doorstep, though they recognized him as the dockmaster quite quickly. (If you can call the single pier with a wooden house a dock) The man was quick to the point, offering his services to spy on any correspondence that went up and down the river that was entrusted to him and to keep an ear out for rumors in exchange for 10gp a week. Though no one enjoyed his slimy attitude towards the law, it was ultimately agreed upon that the service was useful and the cost reasonable and he was hired.

Next week, the party continues to relax in positions of power and get paid for sweeping up minor trifles.

14th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 4) Longacre

The party arrived back at the church square with the decree in hand. Unlike last time, the square was nearly empty this time, save for a smattering of locals gathered around the message board. As the party posted the decree, the local owner of a hospice interrupted them, peppering them with a litany of reasonable-sounding questions. Though it tested their patience, the party answered each question as best they could, inadvertently easing the concerns of the group gathered there.

After that, the party arrived at the Last Stand tavern and pinned the decree to the porch. Unfortunately, the noise of the hammer and nail brought the proprietor of the tavern out from, apparently, making chili. He was less than pleased to see someone banging nails into his porch and even less pleased when he saw the decree and the limit on how many people could visit his tavern. He gave the party some unkind words and suggestions and demanded they leave. Lucia, however, had some unkind words to give him right back and the portly tavern owner threw the brewing pot of chili at her head which she easily ducked. Things might have descended into violence if she’d managed to trip the portly fellow, but instead he shook off Lucia’s whip and slammed the door in the party’s faces. Still, at least the decree was posted.

Finally, the party left to go to Longacre jail to post the decree and deliver the sheriff her notice of dismissal. Rhona mumbled something about the archbaron being too cowardly to deliver the notice himself but then quietly packed up her things and left, not even glancing to her niece Cimiri on the way out. Unfortunately, the sheriff clearly hadn’t taught her deputies to keep a cool head as one of them quickly leveled a crossbow at the party, shouting that they couldn’t get rid of the only justice in the town. Things might have descended into violence but a mix of pleas for civility and threats kept the deputies from making mistakes. Instead, the four of them resigned and walked out silently.

With the job done, the party returned to Razelago who commended them on their good work and increased their pay by a good 50%. In addition, he told the party to meet him at the Scarlet Crown, the home of the Archbaron… Eager to up their status in town and among the powerful elites of Cheliax, the party set for the stately manor at dawn. After some pleasantries with the guards and a halfling butler, the the party was ushered into a large, ornate office with the archbaron himself standing at the window. After introductions, the archbaron got right to the point: He needed people he could trust to enforce his will in Longacre and see to it that the Glorious Reclamation’s attempt at rebellion is squashed before it can really have a chance to take off… and for that, he wants the party to assist him not only in investigating, but also in enforcing his proclamations and will, which Rhona was too weak and too concerned with justice to do.

Presented with the offer to work directly for House Thrune and the Cheliax nobility, the party was happy to accept. Though in place of the paperwork they were expecting, the archbaron informed them that, since they were working, however indirectly, for House Thrune now, they would be required to take a small oath of loyalty to the crown. …And the loyalty oath was placing their hand on a chunk of brimstone that was flooding the room with a blood red glow and burning a symbol of the house on their palms. …Unsettling, but given the devils of House Thrune, not surprising.

One by one, the party burnt their hands on the stone and swore to uphold the will of Fex and House Thrune alike. As they did, the voice of Razelago sounded from a nearby alcove, pleased to see the party being up for the oath. Annoyed at his theatrics, Fex pulled the literal curtain back on the shadowy figure to show Razelago as an accuser devil, a winged fly-like creature with a baby face and the ability to record and play back everything he sees. Fortunately, the party didn’t freak out too much about him being a devil and Razelago went on to explain that the party, if they wanted to help stop the Glorious Reclamation’s efforts in Longacre, will have to learn all they can about the “Angel Knight” and luckily, the local bard had met with her before… the party was tasked to go to the tavern and interrogate the bard… and arrest the chili-flinging tavern owner for being in violation of the archbaron’s decrees. MORE than happy to take revenge on the portly gentlemen, the party left the manor to head to the Last Stand Tavern.

The session ended with the party arriving at the tavern, clearing out the place and declaring that the owner was under arrest. Bolgart did not take it well, given his reaction to the news being to get out a large warhammer from behind his countertop. The party will have to find SOME way to take the man alive though, as they’re there to arrest him, not murder him… Good luck with that guys!

13th -> 14th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 3) Longacre

The session started off with Tileavia Allamar standing on the balcony of the Church of Iomedae and starting a long sermon which the party watched. The following is a transcript:

_“Friends and neighbors, I have wondrous tidings to share! We have all known hardships in our lives—needless sorrows, injustice, even cruelty. Indeed, such is the struggle of all who live. But many among us have known more than our share. Many among us have shouldered burdens laid upon them not by the Inheritor, but by those who would curse her name and taunt her faithful.

But today, I bear a missive from champions of Iomedae’s faith, heralds of the goddess’s will, who know your troubles and would see them end. “I received this letter last night:

“‘People of Longacre! The time of your redemption is at hand. When the song of the Inheritor rises, you all must choose: live as complacent vassals of corruption and evil, or embrace honor and claim the glory that is your right. The Glorious Reclamation gives you a choice.’ “Signed, ‘Lencia Visserene, Knight-Inheritor of the Glorious Reclamation.’

“Friends, it is up to us to restore the worship of Iomedae to its proper place in Cheliax and reclaim our nation in the name of the Inheritor. But we have been given a sign—a sign that the ‘Angel Knight’ has come to Longacre to lead us to glory!”_

As her speech ended, her sons revealed an ornate silver helmet sculpted with angelic features and a halo of curls, a sign from the so-called “Angel-Knight.” She then went on to have her sons bring the body of Jabral Louslik, mostly cleaned-up, but in a coffin. She swiftly declared his death not to be random brigandage, but a politically motivated murder by the allies of House Thrune, provoked by Jabra’s open criticism of the Archbaron. While the party was under zero suspicion for the murder thanks to Cimiri’s bluffing, it did leave them to ponder if Tileavia was merely lying for political opportunism, or if Cimiri’s employer really DID have other motivations.

Though their job was technically completed, the party knew the purpose of the job was to show support for House Fex… and doing a little extra could go a long way. With that in mind, Lucia launched into a spot of counter-oration while the crowd was still assembled, noting that Thrune and its allies were the only thing that could stop a civil war that that rebellion could invite the same chaos Cheliax so desperately wanted to avoid. She made good points and people started to listen, making the chatter in the square far less one-sided.

As she spoke, Leah took the opportunity to talk with the Allamar sons as they were letting the crowd ask questions or observe the helmet. Leah took a long-form approach to asking leading questions in order to discredit the priestess’ claims of an angel knight. Of course, with her wearing the seal of House Fex, Loric Allamar was quick to accuse her trying to cast shade on the glorious tidings since she was just a minion to the current archbaron. The two of them had a long back-and-forth which highly amused several people given how red-faced Loric ended up being. By the end though, the brothers withdrew back to the church with the helmet and no small amount of frustration in tow.

With the sons gone, the party returned to the Ash House for payment from Razelago, after the party gave a brief account of what happened. The shadowy figure seemed concerned by the brazenness of Tileavia and the so-called Angel-Knight. He explained to the party that the Glorious Reclamation, a group of Iomedian fanatics bent on ousting House Thrune and Hell from Cheliax, was starting to grow more and more troubling as of late, as the sermon well proved. Though he could provide no information on the sploshing noises the party heard the previous night, Razelago allowed the party questions and hinted at more work in the future.

As expected, the party received a generous payment of gold for their work and were free for the rest of the day. Lucia took the opportunity to secure better lodgings than the Ash House and went to the Arch and Lark, the only “respectable” tavern in town. The proprietress of the tavern took one look at Lucia’s impressive dress and immediately set about buttering her up, offering fine vintages and fine foods for her clearly discerning customer. When asked about lodgings, the woman apologized for not having anything more than a place by the fire to sleep, mentioning the building was only the tavern, kitchen and her apartment upstairs. Hilariously, Lucia pressed the woman, knowing of her desperation for social mobility, and managed to get her to give up her apartment in exchange for a standard inn-room fare, all while incidentally securing the warm place by the hearth for everyone else, save for Cimiri and Rahl given that Cimiri wanted nothing to do with the fancy place and Rahl was amenable to spending another night in the Ash House, whether that be motivated by his coin purse or Cimiri is anyone’s guess.

Regardless, the party got a much better night’s sleep and was awoken, yet again, by Cimiri as she had another job for the party as soon as dawn hit. The party found themselves right back in Razelago’s office with yet another job: posting decrees written by the archbaron and full of a slew of brand new laws and restrictions for the populace at large. Though Razelago only offered to pay half of what he paid for the last errand, he hinted that if all went well, there might be a meeting with the archbaron himself. Asked if there would be violence in response to the postings, the shadowy figure explained that he expected grumbling but no violence, or at least nothing a bit of stern reminders and glaring couldn’t squelch. Though questioned of the wisdom of taking such a heavy hand with the populace, Razelago prevaricated a bit, saying it was neither up to him nor the party to question the archbaron’s judgement in the matter.

In addition, Razelago had one more decree… the dismissal of Cimiri’s aunt as sheriff of Longacre. Apparently, the woman is too soft for the kind of enforcement the archbaron expects and the party was sent with a hint that new civil positions may need filling in the days to come…

Unabashedly uncomfortable with meeting with her aunt like this, Cimiri coerced the party to start their job with the Castle Gate, which they promptly did. As they arrived, an older woman waved down from the top of the gate to greet the party and very, very slowly made her way down to them upon the mention of a decree. Once she read the part of the Castle Gate being closed until further notice, the old woman was incensed, shouting that she and her husband had done a fine job of guarding the gate up to this point and that no archbaron would tell her otherwise. She had many more unkind things to say about the archbaron and the party and her husband joined in as well as soon as he heard the commotion. Granted, it only took a little bit of intimidation to get the old couple to back down and return, grumbling, to their home. Haraka took it on himself to show off his strength and slowly pull the gate closed and lock it, after which Cimiri nailed the proclamation to the gate.

WIth the gate taken care of, the party needs only post the decrees at the local tavern, one of the squares and finally deliver the decree to the sheriff. It’s anyone’s guess what the party will face being the bearer of bad news, but we’ll find out next time.

13th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 2) Longacre

With the gate clanking open, the party sprung into action. Haraka was quick to dispose of the dead dog over the fence and the rest of the party clung to the shadows, hoping to not get caught. Fortunately, catching the sound early allowed the party ample time to hide and were fully ready when the gate opened to reveal a chattering old couple of humans lugging a cart full of gong pots and trading excrement related jokes. After a minute of sitting through their humor, the party was seriously considering murdering the pair as a public service until Jabral exited his office to greet the pair and discuss payment for the pots. Fortunately, the tanner was too preoccupied with ending the couple’s seemingly endless supply of poop jokes to notice the absence of his dog and the couple left soon after, allowing the party to return to the heist.

Not wanting to stay too much longer, the party quickly settled upon an ambush being the best plan of action. Lucia weaved a quick ghost sound of a barking dog to lure Jabral out of his office and the rest of the party prepared an ambush. Cimiri and Rahl quickly pummeled the man with Rahl effortlessly taking care of his dog as it sprung into action to defend its master. Gozrin took the only arrow Jabral was allowed to fire, the thing bouncing harmlessly off his armor before finishing things with his longsword. With the tanner dead and no one else likely to show up, the party found the lockbox with the tannery profits and pilfered a few tapestries before slinking off into the night, a job well done.

Upon Cimiri’s prompting, the party fled to a burnt-out old manor on the outskirts of town known as the Ash House. There, the party went upstairs to finally meet Cimiri’s mysterious boss: Razelago and its pet Krenshar. Apparently doubling down on the ‘mysterious boss’ motif, Razelago greeted the party while sitting behind a paper screen to be seen only as a silhouette. Cimiri gave only a slightly exaggerated tale of the party’s exploits, all of which seemed to please Razelago, who offered the team full payment for their work in a small chest downstairs. Cimiri hurried the party out of his office, eager for the loot, and pried the box open to reveal a generous coin purse, fine wine, finer foods, and a weapon seemingly tailor made for each of them. Though it suggested Razelago knew more about the party than should be possible, the generous payment and fine weaponry was enough to have the party ignore the ramifications. Wtih Leah and Lucia trading barbs and Cimiri challenging Rahl to a game of drunken bullseye with their new daggers, the party feasted into the night and bedded down in the Ash House, given a lack of an inn in town.

Though they were ready to have a good, long, half-drunken sleep, the party was awoken by Cimiri who heard the sound of someone leaving a bathtub . Of course, with no bathtub anywhere in the house, this confused the party enough to go upstairs and glance around the upper floor, briefly disturbing Razelago’s Krenshar as they peeked in on the office to find their benefactor absent. Ultimately, the found nothing and rightly grumbled at Cimiri for waking them up as they went back to sleep.

With the heist happening in the dead of night, the party slept well into the morning only to be woken by Cimiri AGAIN at noon. This time, however, the only thing she’d heard was another job offer from Razelago and she quickly shuffled the party upstairs to hear his offer.

Apparently needing to wax rhetorical today, Razelago explained to the party that the head of the local church of Iomedae, Tileavia Allamar, was going to give a sermon. Though vague on his avenues of information, Razelago explained that she was likely going to use this sermon to rabble rouse, possibly for the Glorious Reclamation, the group of Iomedean zealots dedicated to the destruction of House Thrune and, by extension, the dissolution of the Chelaxian government. Explaining that the people he works for do not wish to see Longacre turn into a hot bed of rebellion, Razelago bade the party to attend the sermon wearing sashes bearing the marks of House Thrune and the archbaron. Hopefully, the reminder that the government is not without its supporters and that there continues to be a price for sedition would be enough to blunt the impact of the sermon.

Cimiri only cared when Razelago offered her and the party double what he paid them for the heist to do this relatively easy job.

Rather than ushering them out, Razelago fielded a few questions from the group about the job. Though they were there as a counter-balance to what would undoubtedly be the sermon’s message, they were not given any authority to disrupt an otherwise legal sermon and violence would likely get them in trouble with the law. Otherwise, the party was given mostly free reign to conduct themselves however they liked, save for bad-mouthing the archbaron. Though Cimiri was all too eager to agree for the party, everyone, whatever their reasons, also agreed to the terms and generous remuneration. They donned the sashes and went straight to Longacre.

Though Leah and Lucia needed to fix their dresses, the rest of the party was content to hang around the notice board and the church square to absorb local rumors. One of which was the Allamar boys having been visited by an angel of all things. The mood was certainly interesting as people could feel the stirrings of changes coming to the sleepy little town. Before they could over-analyze things though, the sheriff showed up on the scene… and went right for Cimiri. As it turned out, the sheriff is Cimiri’s aunt and the two of them shared a tense conversation where Cimiri just barely managed to convince/bluff her that she and the party had nothing to do with the tannery heist. Despite waving suspicions on the heist, her aunt Rhona was still suspicious of her presence and the sashes and assigned some very un-stealthy guards to shadow her and the party. In what would be a good move for their reputation, the party decided not to engage in any illegal activities and waited for a crowd of hundreds of Longacre residents to crowd into the square as the time of the sermon neared.

Mostly left alone by the crowd, the party waited until Tileavia Allamar stepped onto the balcony of the church to share her wonderful news….

Which we’ll learn about next week.

13th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 1) Longacre

((Thanks for being so patient with the framework everyone! Things will get MUCH faster in later sessions.))

Nightfall in Longacre is still and silent As if the quiet town couldn’t get any more quiet.

Unfortunately for the sleepy town, things are about to get much less quiet.

Cimri Staelish has been looking for a big break for a long time now. Something that will get her enough coin or prestige to leave Longacre and its bitter memories for good. That chance seemed to arrive when a mysterious man named Razelago came to town and started to provide jobs that required “extra legal” touches. Any good thief knows you don’t get paid better or live longer if you ask too many questions, and Cimri was content to take jobs from this strange figure as long as the coin was good. But on the 12th or Arodus, Razelago gave her a job she knew she couldn’t do alone: break into the local tannery and make its owner a pauper. It was bad enough that the tannery had a damned palisade, but its owner was a tough, muscled sort that she might not be able to grapple with alone. She needed help. Fortunately, fate intervened…

Our story may perhaps truly start with the arrival of the Glorious Reclamation. These zealots that seek to ‘liberate’ Cheliax from Thrune’s rule are sowing chaos throughout the east as the self-righteous twits squat in Citadel Dinyar. Iomedean zealots spread like locusts through the cities of Cheliax, stoking the flames of rebellion and trying to overturn the hard-fought order House Thrune has provided the country.

But with this chaos comes opportunity. Enter…

Lucia Valerian. Her dreams of ruling her noble house were crushed by the untimely birth of a male heir. Taking the moral high-road, Lucia did not resort to kinslaying and instead turned to blackmailing her father, demanding training so she could have the skills needed to make a name for herself and gain power, money and prestige through merit rather than inheritance. With the Glorious Reclamation causing great need for those who would support House Thrune, she travels east towards the conflict in search of opportunities to prove herself. Along the way, she meets…

Leah Odric. The head of the Odric family made the fatal mistake of staying neutral in the civil war of Cheliax. When the war ended, Thrune was not impressed by fair-weather allies and the Odric family, along with so many others, found their holdings confiscated and distributed among the more deserving households. Even with her house name left with no holdings and facing naught but bankruptcy and ignoble obscurity, Leah’s father STILL spoke out that their house had done the right thing. Frustrated and ashamed, Leah attempted to ingratiate herself with a different noble house… only to find herself the victim of the cruel politics the nobility enjoys playing on those they know they can’t fight back. Frustrated and broke, Leah meets Lucia, finding in her a sort of kindred spirit as both are eager to find a way to seek glory by way of helping House Thrune. Luckily for the both of them, opportunity for power presents itself in the form of…

Rahl Kel’gari. A soul tempered by the blood and fires that ruined Pezzak, few can appreciate the need for a country with real stability more than he. Having lost his parents to the mob-mentality and violent idiocy that tends to accompany freedom fighters, Rahl joined the Chellish military after their efforts saved him from his parent’s fate. Though dedicated to preserving order, Rahl had too steadfast a heart for the underhanded nature of the military’s power structure. One too many whistleblows against officers FAR more influential than he nearly cost him his life. But House Thrune has eyes everywhere, and the skilled and loyal are not so easily discarded. A mysterious benefactor deep within the upper echelons of power in House Thrune sent Rahl a series of letters with instructions, all obviously meant to test his skills and loyalty. Now another letter arrives telling him of a petty thief in longacre who seems to be unwittingly doing important work for House Thrune. He’ll need to make sure Cimri’s plans succeed, but he may need help and luckily, two Chelish noble women have appeared in town, both competent and eager to prove themselves to House Thrune. Of course Rahl wasn’t the only one recruiting skill labor. Cimri herself found…

Haraka A man already an outcast thanks to his tiefling nature and wild appearance (and tendency towards arson), has found his way to Longacre. With his outlandish appearence and his proclivity towards violence, Haraka won no friends in a town full of already grumpy and mistrusting people. Luckily, Cimri knows exactly what it’s like being kicked to the outskirts of society and quickly meets up with the strange man, offering him good pay and plenty of excitement if he joins her on her heist, a proposal he readily agrees to. As she prepared to set up camp on the edge of the woods though she found…

Gozin Once a personal slave to Gertrude Thrune, Gozin found himself caught in the middle of a slave revolt aimed at slaying his owner. Loyal and shockingly brave, he defended Gertrude Thrune against the uprising, holding out just long enough for her personal guard to save her life. Impressed with his dedication, Gertrude offered Gozen his freedom and bade him leave to make more of himself. Sadly, after a lifetime of servitude, Gozen was unprepared for freedom and found himself growing up in the dangerous and vast Whisperwoods, eventually somehow befriending a wolf twice his size. As Cimri went to her campsite, Gozin strode out of the woods. Wild, dirt-caked and with a crazy glint in his eye, Cimri took one look at the halfling and decided “I want this guy on MY side.”. So she set to recruiting him with promises of gold, excitement and possibly violence…

And so. As midnight fell and the day passed slowly into the 13th of Arodus, Cimiri lit her campfire and gathered the unlikely band of NOT heroes to prepare for the heist. Crafty and competent, the party had already made their own preparations, scouting out the layout of the tannery and inspecting the main gates ahead of time. Even the crazed Gozin managed to help by using his keep eyes to spot a halfling-sized gap in the tannery Palisade. With Rahl having pointed out that the gates are extremely noisy to operate, the party decided to squeeze through the gap in the pallisade, just barely managing to avoid waking the sleeping guard dog outside the tannery office. Upon the party’s request, Cimri slit its throat and they prepared to breach the office… unfortunately for them, the rattle of a loud cart started to sound from outside the gates….


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