Krys Runs: Hell's Vengeance

13th of Arodus, 4715 (Session 2) Longacre

With the gate clanking open, the party sprung into action. Haraka was quick to dispose of the dead dog over the fence and the rest of the party clung to the shadows, hoping to not get caught. Fortunately, catching the sound early allowed the party ample time to hide and were fully ready when the gate opened to reveal a chattering old couple of humans lugging a cart full of gong pots and trading excrement related jokes. After a minute of sitting through their humor, the party was seriously considering murdering the pair as a public service until Jabral exited his office to greet the pair and discuss payment for the pots. Fortunately, the tanner was too preoccupied with ending the couple’s seemingly endless supply of poop jokes to notice the absence of his dog and the couple left soon after, allowing the party to return to the heist.

Not wanting to stay too much longer, the party quickly settled upon an ambush being the best plan of action. Lucia weaved a quick ghost sound of a barking dog to lure Jabral out of his office and the rest of the party prepared an ambush. Cimiri and Rahl quickly pummeled the man with Rahl effortlessly taking care of his dog as it sprung into action to defend its master. Gozrin took the only arrow Jabral was allowed to fire, the thing bouncing harmlessly off his armor before finishing things with his longsword. With the tanner dead and no one else likely to show up, the party found the lockbox with the tannery profits and pilfered a few tapestries before slinking off into the night, a job well done.

Upon Cimiri’s prompting, the party fled to a burnt-out old manor on the outskirts of town known as the Ash House. There, the party went upstairs to finally meet Cimiri’s mysterious boss: Razelago and its pet Krenshar. Apparently doubling down on the ‘mysterious boss’ motif, Razelago greeted the party while sitting behind a paper screen to be seen only as a silhouette. Cimiri gave only a slightly exaggerated tale of the party’s exploits, all of which seemed to please Razelago, who offered the team full payment for their work in a small chest downstairs. Cimiri hurried the party out of his office, eager for the loot, and pried the box open to reveal a generous coin purse, fine wine, finer foods, and a weapon seemingly tailor made for each of them. Though it suggested Razelago knew more about the party than should be possible, the generous payment and fine weaponry was enough to have the party ignore the ramifications. Wtih Leah and Lucia trading barbs and Cimiri challenging Rahl to a game of drunken bullseye with their new daggers, the party feasted into the night and bedded down in the Ash House, given a lack of an inn in town.

Though they were ready to have a good, long, half-drunken sleep, the party was awoken by Cimiri who heard the sound of someone leaving a bathtub . Of course, with no bathtub anywhere in the house, this confused the party enough to go upstairs and glance around the upper floor, briefly disturbing Razelago’s Krenshar as they peeked in on the office to find their benefactor absent. Ultimately, the found nothing and rightly grumbled at Cimiri for waking them up as they went back to sleep.

With the heist happening in the dead of night, the party slept well into the morning only to be woken by Cimiri AGAIN at noon. This time, however, the only thing she’d heard was another job offer from Razelago and she quickly shuffled the party upstairs to hear his offer.

Apparently needing to wax rhetorical today, Razelago explained to the party that the head of the local church of Iomedae, Tileavia Allamar, was going to give a sermon. Though vague on his avenues of information, Razelago explained that she was likely going to use this sermon to rabble rouse, possibly for the Glorious Reclamation, the group of Iomedean zealots dedicated to the destruction of House Thrune and, by extension, the dissolution of the Chelaxian government. Explaining that the people he works for do not wish to see Longacre turn into a hot bed of rebellion, Razelago bade the party to attend the sermon wearing sashes bearing the marks of House Thrune and the archbaron. Hopefully, the reminder that the government is not without its supporters and that there continues to be a price for sedition would be enough to blunt the impact of the sermon.

Cimiri only cared when Razelago offered her and the party double what he paid them for the heist to do this relatively easy job.

Rather than ushering them out, Razelago fielded a few questions from the group about the job. Though they were there as a counter-balance to what would undoubtedly be the sermon’s message, they were not given any authority to disrupt an otherwise legal sermon and violence would likely get them in trouble with the law. Otherwise, the party was given mostly free reign to conduct themselves however they liked, save for bad-mouthing the archbaron. Though Cimiri was all too eager to agree for the party, everyone, whatever their reasons, also agreed to the terms and generous remuneration. They donned the sashes and went straight to Longacre.

Though Leah and Lucia needed to fix their dresses, the rest of the party was content to hang around the notice board and the church square to absorb local rumors. One of which was the Allamar boys having been visited by an angel of all things. The mood was certainly interesting as people could feel the stirrings of changes coming to the sleepy little town. Before they could over-analyze things though, the sheriff showed up on the scene… and went right for Cimiri. As it turned out, the sheriff is Cimiri’s aunt and the two of them shared a tense conversation where Cimiri just barely managed to convince/bluff her that she and the party had nothing to do with the tannery heist. Despite waving suspicions on the heist, her aunt Rhona was still suspicious of her presence and the sashes and assigned some very un-stealthy guards to shadow her and the party. In what would be a good move for their reputation, the party decided not to engage in any illegal activities and waited for a crowd of hundreds of Longacre residents to crowd into the square as the time of the sermon neared.

Mostly left alone by the crowd, the party waited until Tileavia Allamar stepped onto the balcony of the church to share her wonderful news….

Which we’ll learn about next week.



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